DUIs are more common today largely thanks to police efforts to catch offenders. But no matter the circumstances leading to a DUI arrest, this type of charge can have serious consequences. If you have been arrested for DUI, it is imperative you hire an experienced attorney. Trying to deal with the legal issues of a DUI on your own could result in harsher punishment than if you leave the situation to an attorney. Attorneys can usually negotiate deals that can avoid DUI conviction or reduce the punishments, and the attorneys at Brunelle | Conklin are experienced in building these negotiations and building a defense for when cases do go to court.


We will look at every aspect of your case, such as:

The aspects of your case must be carefully investigated. Any deviation from standard procedure could be an invaluable resource to your defense.

We will determine if the arresting officer followed procedure, if the traffic stop was legal, and if field sobriety tests were conducted correctly. Without an attorney, you would unlikely be able to properly investigate any of these factors.

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